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Shadow 5000 Mod Sneak Peek 

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The all new Shadow 5000 Mod, a fresh take on a legendary running shoe.

Source: Shadow 5000 Mod Sneak Peek | Saucony Blog

Saucony is a brand that is attempting to find an identity in a growing athleisure environment that is not slowing down. Here they take one of their classics and infuse it with a 3M style, reflective pattern and a more streamlined approach. The result is … ummmm … I want to like it. I put it here in the Dope section because I admire the attempt.

The shoe to me is similar in approach to the ZX Flux print series from Adidas. It’s adventurous beyond the color palette which is out of the norm for Saucony. However, there is something that just doesn’t follow through for me. I know that branding is becoming less important, but to completely remove the logo from this shoe when Saucony (Under Armour did this with the Curry 3 and it’s working contrary to popular reports) needs to be branded as much as possible I just don’t know if it’s a good thing.

There isn’t any visible branding on this shoe in any picture. If I didn’t say Saucony, you wouldn’t know it. Why is this important? Adidas and Nike don’t shy away from branding. They understand the importance of the far away “shot”. I like the idea behind this. The graphic isn’t the best and the branding hurts the shoe, but the idea is dope. I hope they revisit, with branding and a different concept. Imagine this shoe with a Navy upper, navy reflective material and a speckled gum outsole? That would have been dope.

Here are more pics. Visit the source link for more info on release dates.