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Thanks for visiting the ARCH Online Shop. To Browse Categories visit the sidebar and choose from the Brands menu. The ARCH Online Shop was  one of the best shops on I moved all in stock items to the site to give visitors a better deal.

  1. I know how hard it is to order from my website vs a third party seller like eBay or
  2. You have the same amount of protection here with PayPal purchasing. You don’t even need an account with PayPal to purchase.
  3. I had an Amazon store ( with perfect feedback, but the price on a shoe there would be 219.99. That’s 40.00 dollars higher than here. Why? Amazon requires free shipping and they take 15%. That means the 219.99 has fees of 33.00 add 15.00 dollars shipping and the money I make from Amazon = $171.99. The return rate on Amazon is 10% which means I had to continuously raise prices to stay in business on Amazon.
  4. Your price for a shoe here is Retail + Taxes + Shipping. You save money buying on the ARCH Online Shop. In some instances consignment shoes have a higher price, but it will always be cheaper than my Amazon store was. More important I’ve added a MAKE AN OFFER option so you can submit an offer and if it’s a fair price, you might pay less than retail.
  5. I have been in the shoe business since 2004. You don’t stay in business that long by being a bad business person.

Thanks for visiting the shop and I look forward to shipping your 100% Authentic footwear.

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