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Should You Buy To Flip? Air Jordan 1 Royal

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I should just write YES and move on. That would be a more efficient post than my usual FC, eBay, and Stock Locator checks to verify that I’m right. Besides dudes are biting my style and sharing pics of stock locators on bigger sites now so I’m not going there.

The problem is I really want people to take this seriously. I’ve been overlooking Jordan Brand for a while. None of the releases have had any resale value. Basically flipping shoes is dead except when particular models come along. One of those models is the Royal 1.

I will do something slightly different here. I won’t give you any checks. We all know that this shoe is going to pop. This is the question though, why does the Retro 1 High OG Banned, Chicago, SB and now Royal still carry such weight?

My first go to when explaining why this shoe remains a classic is the price. 160.00. This is the cheapest Air Jordan Retro remaining in the stable. I’m not looking at the Retro 1 Mids and Jordan Brand versions or Rare Airs, I’m talking numbered Retros from the GOAT. Even the Retro 2 is now at 190.00.  Just three years ago the Retro 2 was 150.00! Unfortunately when I say price it leaves me open because the Retro 6 Seahawks was 175.00. The Retro 12 Low Wolf Grey was 170.00 and neither of those shoes sold out. I mean the Seahawks 6 Low was probably the worst drop of 2015. So why is the price such a big deal with the Retro 1?

At 160 plus tax you are looking at 175. Most Retros are 190 plus tax which is 205.00. There is an instant 30 dollar markup built into this release. If you really want to get to the core of the reason this shoe does so well the shoe crosses generations. Guys my age dreamed of owning this model. The color blocking is classic and whenever you have a shoe that moves beyond age classification you have a shoe that will perform well. Royal and Black are colors that make up a majority of the sports teams out there. It’s also a color that looks great with denim and with khakis. The shoe isn’t clunky like the Retro 4 and it isn’t awkward like the Retro 15. It’s a simple throwback that reminds us of what was to come from Jordan Brand. It’s a simple elegant shoe that lets anyone know you respect kicks, but also says, I’m clean as f—.

Should You Buy To Flip, nah respect the game and let everyone cop who wants them. Collect This… but if you have the dough and you need to make that extra lunch money grab your stacks. This drop whether there are plenty around or not will hit 295.00 to 350.00 easy. It’s the rare Tier 3 flip and those are very hard to come by these days.