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Should You Buy To Flip? Air Jordan 9 Retro OG ‘Space Jam’ 2016 

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The Retro 9 is always an interesting release. When it drops, it doesn’t sell out, but as it gets harder to find the price tends to gravitate higher than a lot of more popular Jordan Retros. I don’t get it, since the shoe was never worn on court as Jordan was semi-retired and honestly the shoe has a boot like look and feel not to mention the inner sockliner bootie changes the sizing some. This one will be harder to gauge. Anytime a Bulls Colorway is dropped it tends to do better. Will this one do better than the last few releases? Let’s get to it.

*** I’ve been neglecting to say that I’m writing these for those people who don’t have a hookup or discount. On almost any Jordan Brand release if you get a discount you can flip it for a profit.

Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

*** New addition to the rating system: Tier 1: 0-25% = +1    Tier: 26-55% = +2     Tier 3: 56% and up is +3

First check: The Flight Club Check is on deck.  The Space Jam 9, it feels odd saying this since it was never referred to as such is on FC in a full size run (size 13 and Size 11 are sold out) at 300-325.00. That’s a good sign, because this means that the shoe already has an audience unlike the TB3. Do I think that regular guys will be able to do what FC does? No. I think a decrease of 50 dollars is built in for non-FC sellers. That means that the price of the 9 will hover around 250-275.00. I will keep the pair at the high end of 275 which leaves this price breakdown ROI:

Retail: 190.00 + tax = 203.00

Fees: 13% at a generous 275.00 sold price = 35.75

Shipping Fees = 15.00

Total cost of the shoe (If you don’t get a discount) = 253.75

I’m going to say that the shoe will hold steady at 275. That means a 21.25 profit. Which is a 8% ROI. That’s a Tier 1 shoe. I give it a +1, but for longevity and maintaining I’m going to add a +1. I actually think this shoe will sell out, but the timing makes it a risky flip as the Space Jam 11 will be dropping and people may hold onto their dollars.

Rating = +2

Second check: My second check is always on eBay. The eBay Check is always easier to make an estimation. Let’s check the last five sold listings:

November 27th – 249.99

November 27th – 259.00

November 26th – 249.90

November 26th – 249.99

November 25th – 259.99

When we do the average price 1268.87/5 = 253.77. This is nowhere near my thoughts on the FC Check and that it would be at 275.00. Team Early on eBay is a sobering market. It makes you aware that the market as it relates to Jordan Brand resale is effectively dissolved. Once Retros went to 190, it was the beginning of the end unless the shoe was very coveted. In this climate the only way to generate a flip is to get the shoes early and in large quantities. You could also be one of the lucky ones who get a discount on their purchases and that would help, but right now at this price if you don’t get any discount, don’t do it. Team Early forces me to give this shoe a

Rating = +1

Third check: My third check is now a combination of Twitter hype, launch locators and StockX. StockX has the 9 Space Jam, but the highest bids are not aligning with the lowest ask. Here is another situation where Twitter (no one is selling on Twitter, only advertising… most sales happen on IG and through PayPal so it’s getting harder to track) confirms the eBay price and StockX may start telling me to stop using them because if the shoes are not being copped fast enough it’s not helping that I’m sharing the link.  Then again StockX has the perfect business model, they don’t hold any inventory which is a different discussion. I would insert pictures of the release locations, but you know this is a GR when the lowest volume store in Memphis is getting pairs. The map on this looks like a FootLocker virus.

This is not a limited pair and it holds true to all recent releases and I seriously think it will carry over into the Retro 11.

Rating = +1

My final ruling: +4 which is average. This is a very weak +4 though. It’s more like a 3.5. If you’ve never been able to get the Retro 9 then you will be happy to know that I think you will be able to grab them at retail without an issue. Even if you can’t, just be patient. This is the time where the consumer can win, but only if you are open to other styles and there are some dope ass shoes dropping. More pics below