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Should You Buy To Flip? Jordan x OVO 2017 All-Star Collection

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Jordan Brand and OVO celebrate the court culture of All-Star weekend with its third collaboration collection.

Source: Jordan x OVO 2017 All-Star Collection

Drake couldn’t beat Chance at the Grammy’s this year, but it really doesn’t matter right? Chance doesn’t have a Jordan deal and what that means is on the biggest sneaker holiday of the year (outside of XMAS) Drake wins with this drop from Jordan Brand featuring his October’s Very Own Brand.

Alright now that I got that cheesy introduction out of the way, let me jump into this.

The OVO 12 will never make it to a Should You Buy To Flip? from me. Why? The shoe is inherently going to be of value to collectors as it will be a limited release, but let’s take a moment to look at the collection for what it is:

A black Retro 12 that is dope, but is a boot like construction and to be honest in this all black colorway it lacks the striking contrast of the Flu Game, Gym Red, French Blue and other colorways that make the Retro 12 one of the greatest shoes in the Jordan line. It also fails to capture the pop of the White OVO 12 as the gold accents on the white pops and creates a classic contrast and style. Triple Black has been butchered by the countless Boost drops and Huarache drops over the last couple of years. Hell, you can get triple Black Prestos right now for like 80 bucks. You can even get Triple Black UltraBOOSTs for … okay don’t let me lie to you, you aren’t getting the Triple Black UBs for cheap, but my point is an all black Retro 12 isn’t as striking as the White/Gold OVO 12. To prove my point the OVO 10 has about 1029 listings available on eBay right now and is only hovering around the 350-399 average sold point. Hey, locally we still have the Take Flight Retro 5’s available. I know this is an OVO drop, but the market has changed and while this is a limited release if you decide to flip, it might not garner double the money back.

A sweatsuit with a damn owl. A red sweatsuit with an owl. A red sweatsuit with an owl and the Jordan Brand logo that traditionally adorns the heel counter of the Retro 12… I mean let’s be real. If I was still the type of businessman that capitalized on things, I would contact my label maker, take the time to recreate this label in my own way, I’d probably use a Hawk or Panther, drop my own logo where the Jordan Brand heel info is and go to Footlocker, pick up some of their jogger pants sweatsuits for 14.99 (4.99 with the MVP coupon), use my mother in laws sewing machine and put the labels on those suits and sell those joints myself for 40-50 bucks a pop and name it Jordan Inspired… You know why? Because ultimately when you buy this set you’re paying for a red sweatsuit. You’re paying 400 bucks for a red sweatsuit. Damn I sound like a hater, but I did give you a nice hustle if you have the time. You’re welcome.

A backpack with an owl. A backpack with an owl and a Jumpman patch. A back… nevermind.

Okay, my inner fanboy just came out on this one. I’m a sucker for crewnecks. The collection is clean, but it will be overpriced. Should You Buy to Flip?

Honestly, in this market, this will be one of the few releases that will actually garner some interaction on the secondary market, but it will be hard to get. I actually think the clothing will perform better than the actual shoes being dropped.

Sidenote: The Air Jordan 4 Retro Royalty is basically an OVO black and gold drop and at 190 retail the shoe is still sitting.

Maybe I’m wrong… but we are in a changing sneaker environment. The money being thrown at sneaker resale sites is forcing those sites to take serious action to impress investors. That means that the price overall in the sneaker resale market will begin going down. Those taking on investors will have to show growth and waiting on shoes to flip at a higher price that investors aren’t willing to wait on.

This is an interesting time and the OVO 12 Collection will be something to revisit to see if I’m right.