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Sneaker Enthusiasts Should Visit This Site: FDRA | Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America

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Source: FDRA | Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America

Everyday there is a different newspaper outlet sharing the words of analysts who seem to be more intent on beefing on Twitter than actually sharing really in depth analysis of the footwear industry. It’s my job to provide more information about sites that do a more in depth discussion that can provide sneakerheads, and those interested in the footwear and apparel market, a deeper look into how and what happens to get your favorite brand from conception to your feet.

FDRA has been around since 1944, but this newly revised version was spearheaded by Matt Priest. Matt is the epitome of an inside man in the footwear industry having worked in Washington D.C. to shape legislation in regard to import. If you’re on this site then you understand why his work was so important.

The source link above stays abreast of current trends, but also gives detailed reports on the why and how of what’s happening in footwear. Most important is the opportunity provided via conferences and workshops. As many sneakerheads are moving towards looking for careers and trying to extend their relationship with kicks beyond rocking and stocking this is a site that is worth your time a lot more than knowing who sold the most shoes last quarter. Bookmark the site and check it often. There is also a great podcast named Shoe In Show at

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