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“Sneaker makers stake claim in Boston”, leaves out LA.

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BOSTON (AP) — Shoe makers are racing to the Boston area as they compete for millennial talent.

Source: Beantown as Shoetown: Sneaker makers stake claim in Boston

The Source article is a solid discussion on the movement of shoe makers to the Boston area. Under Armour recently opened a flagship store there as well, turning New England back into what it was when shoe dogs flew there to manufacture shoes. New Balance was the last brand standing for a while, but it seems that trends do shift.

I find it interesting that the article does not mention the Speedfactory that is being created by Adidas in Georgia or Under Armour’s manufacturing and design happening in Baltimore as a sign that not all footwear is moving to Boston. The move of Reebok isn’t a positive as it shows the contraction of a brand that I think should be sold by Adidas and the mention of Converse and Puma is there to validate the “Boston Renaissance”, but one thing always stands out for me because I think of the little guy.

In LA a company named LASCO owned by Greg Salas has been quietly making noise on the sneakerhead scene with it’s custom work. The brand launched a almost 5 years ago with premium crafted footwear made in the heart of LA. I guess the underdog in me wants that company to gain as much interest as the big boys when manufacturing is discussed so I’m making it a point to write this quick word and say that in 2017 I can see LASCO disrupting the market. Here are two articles on the company on this site. It’s nice to see “potential” manufacturing coming back to the East Coast, but LASCO deserves media attention. Use the source link to read the Boston renaissance and use the links below to read more about LASCO.

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