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Sneaker Room Nike Kyrie 3 Mom, Powerful Message, Great Idea But Only For The Rich

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Originally posted on Housakicks


Sometimes we look at sports celebrities or celebrities in general and tend to forget that they are just as human as we are. We forget they have flesh and blood like us and that they hurt the same way we hurt. They are not exempt from the vicissitudes of life. Both Kyrie Irving and Sneaker Room shop owner Suraj Kaufman have lost their respective mothers. I’m not sure what the cause of death was and it’s not my place to find the details. In honor of their late mothers both Kyrie and Kaufman released two iterations of the Kyrie 3 named the Sneaker Room Nike Kyrie 3 Mom.
One of the pairs comes in white and gold with red detailing and the word MOM on the tongue. You’ll also notice that the inside of the shoe is covered with polka dots referencing a shirt Irving’s mother used to wear. The quarter panel will be adorned with  rose petals in gold on one pair symbolizing how precious mothers are. The other pair will have the rose petals in red I️ believe referencing the love of a mother. I’m sure this is hard for both guys;  there is nothing like losing a mother. Additional details of the shoes include a red speckled midsole, branded insoles, multi-colored laces and unique graphics on the swoosh logo.
Only 50 pairs of the white and gold pair were produced and they are priced at $1000 while 250 pairs of the white and red one were produced and priced at $250. Proceeds from the sales of both pairs will benefit family shelters and domestic women shelters.
Someone asked a question on Youtube that I thought was interesting, He said,
Why every time y’all make a shoe dedicated to somebody average people can’t afford it so the only people that work for Nike or work for complex or a basketball player that can afford two shoes or rapper but average people can’t afford to shoot y’all should making sure that it gave the moms that everybody can afford it makes more sense than you think we will rock you and the more people that rock them the better if it was a port to Mom
          James Turner
He has a valid point, his argument might be a little hard to capture because of the run on sentence but the point is made clear. Please understand that this isn’t to criticize Kyrie Or Kaufman but rather the brands behind these projects. If these indeed were made to remember mothers and cherish them, shouldn’t they be made for the general public? And wouldn’t it make sense since they will generate more proceeds? The shoes somehow always end up in the hands of the elites, who I doubt care much for the meaning of the shoes but rather care about being the only ones to have the special edition.
Check out the video below courtesy of COMPLEX