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SNS x Adidas NMD CS1 Gore-Tex Through The Eyes Of Thomas @therealpuddlejumper

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Originally posted on Housakicks


Sneakersnstuff and Adidas did something right with the campaign of the SNS x Adidas NMD CS1 Gore-Tex . When the NMD’s came in the picture, they carried with them a sense of rebellion and free living. That’s what got people’s attention and it resonated well with the millennials ( and their corny ways sorry I had to say this). Folks call me grumpy old man because of my conservative habits often perceived as outdated. A guy like Thomas @therealpuddlejumper is your typical average joe influencer who a lot of individuals can relate to. Adidas got away from this type of way of reaching the sneaker community with a myriad of NMD’s they’ve dropped and the results were catastrophic- the NMD is on the brink of extinction. Maybe my words are a bit too harsh and far fetched but stop by your local Adidas outlet store and you’ll see how many of the recent exclusive NMD’s have been marked down at 40% +discount. See link below

Adidas NMD Now Hitting The Adidas Outlet | Might Be The End Of The Line

I’m saying all this to say that it’s harder now more than ever to expect folks to just buy a product because it looks nice. Brands can’t get complacent either; they’ll have to remain on their toes and periodically create striking campaigns that can resonate with the community they are trying to reach in order to sell their commodities.


The SNS x Adidas NMD CS1 Gore-Tex was specifically engineered for the wet and muddy weathers. They feature a with a full Gore-Tex® Primeknit upper with the capability of combating  heavy rain and snow. Check out the Youtube video below and keep in the back of your mind everything I said in the first paragraph of the post.