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SONRA – Introducing the Proto | New Footwear Brands

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Official SONRA Store. Shoes Made in Germany. Designed by Hikmet Sugoer

Source: SONRA

I think everyone in the sneaker community knows who Hikmet Sugoer is. The stores he used to run, Solebox, was a constant on the scene and was infamous for collaborating with brands on dope kicks like the ASICS Gel Lyte and BOOST collabs with adidas. The format for his store even included old school raffles where he demonized stores doing shady deals and making it difficult for people to get the shoes they coveted. Hikmet was the sneakerheads store owner. A man of the people who fought to make his stores destinations. As his time with Solebox came to an end, the stores were acquired, he turned his attention to a passion play: Sonra

Sonra is a two year journey for Hikmet. He did basically the same things I did when I launched ARCH. The big difference? He kept production in his native Germany to ensure that the quality was on par with the best fashion houses in the world. He utilized tanned leather and premium materials in launching each version of his first shoe ,The Proto. The first delivery was named “BAE”

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Since that time he’s dropped 6 other colorways with his latest drop arriving next month. The Greygory, below, will be limited to 125 pair and the shoes are very similar in style to premium models of New Balance. The classic running silhouette is seriously upgraded however with a veg tan heel counter and nappy leather outer and lining. The aspect of the company that reminds me of Hikmet’s loyalty to the customer is the note on the Sonra site that states: Please buy only for wearing not for selling.

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Sonra is limited and by design the limited nature of the shoe, which includes individual numbering, lends itself to reselling. I think the clear statement on the site acts as a counter to those who would buy and attempt to deliver the kicks to eBay, but that hasn’t stopped some who have copped a pair from ignoring the brand.

Sonra is a dope addition to the casual running category and although it’s easier to cop a pair of New Balance kicks, or a pair of ASICS to capture that classic running silo, the Sonra logo, an abstract version of the owner’s initials, establish that you are a part of something much bigger than footwear. Wearing a pair of Sonra protos, my favorite is the “Grasshopper”, delivers an air of what got everyone into kicks in the first place… the moment when another person who appreciates kicks looks at your feet and they know what you’re rocking and they give you that knowing head nod.

Use the source link to check out more pics on the site. Grasshopper and Pumpkin below.

Image may contain: shoes

Image may contain: shoes

Solebox Co-Founder & Designer Hikmet Sugoer Is Launching His Own Brand | Footwear News

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