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StockX Continues to Revise and Improve

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Retro Jordans, rare Nike shoes, Adidas Yeezy Boost and more on StockX, the price guide and live marketplace for buying and selling authentic sneakers.

Source: StockX: The Stock Market for Sneakers

StockX, formerly known as, has been on a mission to establish itself as a serious player in the world of e-commerce. I’ve discussed the business a few times:

StockX Just Added More Investors To Their Team

and this one:

StockX Adds Watches and Handbags?

The company is such a good analysis of how to move from being a sneakerhead and becoming a boss, that whenever I see or get information about a new innovation with the platform I write about it. I should definitely give the same attention to GOAT and Kixify. In regard to GOAT, I’ve been too lazy to complete the sign-up process. Honestly it requires me to use my phone and I’m often using my phone for research, Lyft or checking on different aspects of business so I haven’t completed the registration.

With Kixify, I simply haven’t decided on how to approach the discussion, but in all honesty Kixify is the platform that has the biggest advantage and is actually the best for selling sneakers. I really need to do that article.

Back to StockX. This morning I received an e-mail and I’m sure there are other forms of media floating around explaining their latest innovation, INSTANT SELLER PAYOUTS!!!!!

Now this is a really solid upgrade to the platform and I’ll explain that in video form and post it below because sometimes it’s better to explain than write.