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Summer 2011: What I’m Working on Now-ARCH CG097II

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Okay it’s been a couple of years and I’m right back to square one again, starting over. When I made the basketball shoe sample it drained the funds. I began selling more Nikes, Adidas and various brands to recoup. I was making great headway and was generating between 4-6K per month with ebay and street hustling. The money was coming back in. I had stopped working and was focusing solely on sneakers because I could. I paid for the new samples of the CG and took design cues from Ian Gale. He stressed changing the materials for looks. I didn’t realize that this would also create a lightweight jogger. First though the ebay stuff.

If you’ve been following my updates on then you know that I lost a lot of income due to a crappy resolution on ebay. I had raised enough money to take a vacation and pay for the samples of the new CG. Everything was rolling along and then I got back from vacation. I was supposed to take a month of testing on the CG and then place a production order. The problem was I returned and the location where I sold shoes had been shut down because the people selling counterfeits had been busted by the cops, DEA, ICE, Homeland Security, basically everybody. The problem was they also took out us legitimate vendors by closing the whole place down. That hurt, but losing my ebay account added to the problem and led to a situation where I also lost that extra 3k per month. Just like that I was working on reserve money and I couldn’t complete the order. All of this has been within the last two months. I made a great running shoe and now it’s on the shelf until I raise enough capital to get it completed.

Side and bottom

When running a business decision making is difficult. You never know what is going to happen, but you keep pushing along. Here are the pics of the updated CG097II. It has been testing very well and the switch to a combination of smaller compressed foam, and rubber in sections along with a small TPU has created a lightweight running shoe that will be perfect for a fall launch since I kept the panels from the original shoe. The outsole was inspired by a Nike Hayward design and an Adidas torsion system. Both great running shoe features. I’m excited about this shoe and the goal is to get back in a position to make the shoe without any debt. That means some serious hustling.