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Talant Trade Company: Made In The USA (Handbags & Totes)

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The arrival of Talant Trade co
The arrival of Talant Trade co

Okay, I know this is not an ARCH specific post and that introducing brands is not really what this blog is for, but excitement is often not controllable when you discover something that just makes perfect sense and has the potential to change the market. While there aren’t many products that create a buzz anymore, especially with the power of luxury brands being so pervasive, when I see something that says “Made In The USA”, I take notice and I support it; if the product is quality.

A year ago during the Cooper Young Festival in Memphis, my wife and I discovered a company named Talant Trade. At the time I was in the process of launching the CG097II and my focus was not really on anything except that. My wife however took the business card of Johnson Benjamin and when we got home she looked up the Facebook page . She then ordered a couple of bags and she really liked them. That was pretty much the end of our interactions outside of liking pictures and semi-following the progress of the small company based in Corinth, Mississippi. This year I really began looking at other small business in the Memphis area basically trying to get a feel for the various struggles or accomplishments we all encounter on this journey of creating a brand or business. I’ve always felt that people very rarely tell the truth about how their business is performing. People love to save face. I reached out to Talant to ask how the business was developing and began really looking closely at what was happening with the launch of the Fall 2013 line.

Simply put I was impressed and loved the work that was taking place. Understand this, creating a brand that does all of its own manufacturing in the US is pretty much unheard of. The US has become an importer of every item that we purchase and use on a daily basis. This has weakened the economy over the past 30 years and diminished the workforce. Luxury brands are now making their items in China and abroad as well. We are basically at a point where this country is no longer the great nation of inventors and producers. We are simply consumers. Okay that was my political rant, but it fits here.

The unboxing of Talant Trade Co. Bags
The unboxing of Talant Trade Co. Bags

Talant purchases its materials in the US.

Talant has made use of machinery that was basically abandoned in Corinth and they have created a line of bags that rivals any of the major handbag and tote companies in the business.

Each item is sturdy and well made. When you pull it out of the box the weight is the first thing you feel. Then you begin to realize that each stitch is important because the person who did it was working to accomplish something that is rare.

Okay I’m rambling… This month instead of taking the time to produce another CG097 and send my money to China. I took a small portion of that reserved money and purchased Talant Trade Cross Body Bags, and Totes. What was my intent?

When you own a company you get e-mails and messages about how people think they can help you build your brand. The problem is most of the time those e-mails and messages come from people who haven’t ever built or established a brand themselves. What is even worse is that these offers occur most of the time from people who haven’t even supported your brand at all. These are people who honestly don’t think that as a small business person you haven’t taken the time to look at all aspects of your business. I didn’t want to be that guy. When I write to discuss business with you, I want to be someone who has supported the business with cash. At the end of the day, that is what matters, cash. Without it, our businesses die.

Talant Crossbody Bags and Totes
Talant Crossbody Bags and Totes

My intent was to take the Talant bags and be the first distributor of the brand on the world’s largest ecommerce site: This is no longer the intent. I picked up my shipment today and came home excited. I have taken pictures and by tonight, I will carry Talant Trade Co. bags on my Amazon store. I will run an Amazon Ad campaign and watch what happens. I hope you all will check back soon for a positive outcome in this new venture. Also make sure you visit Talant and like them on Facebook.

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