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Thanks for a great 2014!

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One Hour To Wealth
One Hour To Wealth

This is just a quick post to thank everyone who visits the site and has supported ARCH this year. I had one of the best years as a startup due to Kickstarter. I still have a very difficult road in regard to moving ARCH forward as a brand and in 2015 my work will be more organic. I will work on it when I have the finances and ability to do something worthwhile. Most of my energy will be focused on the ARCH Online Shop and on CBP. Primarily Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year will inhibit my ability to manufacture a new show until late March. This means that the shoe won’t be finished until around the end of April and it will take until May for the shoe to arrive and then I have to get everything done to launch by June which is a very slow time for shoe sales. Instead of dedicating a lot of effort I’m going to dive into my CBP Project and the promotion of One Hour To Wealth, my book that actually gives real direction for starting your own dream project.

One Hour to Wealth is not a motivational book. The book tells the story of how I went from being bankrupt to actually launching my Sneaker Shop and my shoe company ARCH. I hated that I read all of those books about how to become a millionaire and all those books did was to give me a motivational speech, but no real tools. I decided to write and create a book that gave out real directions for starting a business. There are workshops and information on starting your website without having to pay for the design of a site. It’s a pretty good book. You can pick it up on Amazon or go to the #1HTW page and get a signed copy and a Skype session to talk with me about your project.

I truly thank all of you who have supported ARCH. Be on the lookout for new things randomly throughout 2015 and always check the ARCH Online Shop because I update it on a daily basis with new kicks in stock with Free Shipping. Also check CBP for reviews of books, movies and restaurants as well as blogs and information on business and social issues. Just because you don’t see new information being posted here, doesn’t mean there isn’t some great work taking place.

Stay Motivated and raise a glass to a great year and an exciting new year.

Chris B.