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Fresh New Colors for the 247 – New Balance

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Live life in 247 with the latest New Balance men’s sneaker release. Evolve your style with the New Balance 247, made to fit your life from morning to night.

Source: The 247 – New Sneaker Releases – New Balance

I really like it when footwear companies find an entry point and capitalize on it. The NMD has been an amazing shoe for adidas. It’s entry price of 130 for a single piece of fabric and stitching is a bit much. New Balance saw an opening and created a shoe that features Revlite cushioning and a similar construction and design, but it’s all NB.

When I initially saw the 247 it was in a premium package which was priced at the same level as the NMD, but with suede and leather hits. I immediately thought that the shoe would be a hit. While I don’t have any POS data to support, I do have data to refer to support that the 247 is a potential disruptor for the NMD. Will it be made in enough colors and will it pull buyers in big enough numbers is to be seen. I really do like these colors just released though.  Use the source link to grab a pair or visit eBay for below retail deals and premium and exclusive 247s.