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The Air Jordan 3 NRG Tinker JTH Is Available Early!!! The Implications

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Originally posted on Housakicks


Jordan Brand has been making some strong statements since the beginning of 2018. The brand’s release calendar has been loaded with nothing but gems, and as the weeks go by, sneaker heads keep getting treated to some of the most striking sneakers they can’t pass up. The Black Cement 3 was a success for Nike; the Free Throw Line Jordan 3, the Bred Toe 1 are all performing extremely well on third party marketplaces. February has definitely been a great month for Nike and I think the brand has been surprised with the amount positive feedback they’ve received from the sneaker community even on the global level. Jordan Brand continues to build on this momentum with the introduction of the  Air Jordan 3 NRG Tinker JTH, scheduled to officially release on March the 24th.

You can read the entire narrative behind the Tinker’s NRG Jordan 3 via Nike, it’s quite an interesting tale. I was trying to figure out how many pairs of the shoes Nike has manufactured and I just couldn’t find any information to make any predictions. In other words, the shoes weren’t featured on major retailers’s release calendar ( Footlocker and its derivatives didn’t have it) and none of the other minor retailers had the shoes on their calendar either. So i’m assuming that it’s going to be only available via Nike. If you’ve been paying attention to what Nike is doing, you’ll notice that the brand is keeping everything in house. And the goal is to directly reach the consumer and do away with the distribution channels. With that said, it’s hard for me to make any bold prediction as it pertains to the amount of pairs made. One thing I know is that they’ll be very limited. This leads me to my next point.

I saw that the Air Jordan 3 NRG Tinker JTH were already available on eBay and the first thought tha crossed my mind was that they were fake. But I checked with the overseas websites and I couldn’t find bootleg pairs anywhere. Consequently I ruled out the possibility of them being fake. So if they aren’t fake, how do these sellers have access to these pairs this early. Well I’m not going to reiterate what I already wrote about. Read the post below which explains it all.

Nike And Early Release Sneakers | A New Twist To The Story

No Jordan 3 JTH for March the 24th, maybe footlocker will add them to the calendar later, but as of now there is nothing
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