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The Allen: Pictures From The Factory

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The Allen: Casual shoe is on its way!!!! I’m excited as usual, but now comes the hard part. I have to sell the sneaker. I still have a photoshoot to do for The Allen and I have to get the marketing materials right, but I think the colorway is classic for this time of year and may replace Timbs as an alternative shoe for the Fall/Winter months (Well when it isn’t snowing, you get the picture).

Up until this point I haven’t leaked any pics of the shoes, but some shots are in from the factory. Instead of posting them to Facebook, I will post them here. I’d like to get feedback on what you think, but I know it will be hard from the pictures which are not that clear and are packed in boxes.  Also included in these photos are shots of other samples of The Allen. These are made with leather and suede instead of canvas. In the production model I will use denim and canvas and not leather on the side panels. Okay I’m shutting my mouth and letting you check out the pics prior to shipment. The boxes are in and I have to fold and make those, I also have the labels pictured above coming in. Hard work indeed but this is great.

Stay Motivated

This is the limited release Allen: Sand, these are not great pics, but just a preview.  Let me know what you think