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The CG097II in crates – Progress from the factory

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Diggin in the crates

I’m just trying to keep those who check the site up to date on what is happening with the CG. The shoes are finally in transit! I hate this time because I really can’t do anything until they arrive. I can’t sew the labels on the shirts since the labels are with the shoes, and I can’t begin any type of marketing campaign without great pics of the shoes. This is where being a small company hurts. I still have ARCH Allens in stock, but the time to make a new shoe for me has increased to 30-50 days shipped and landed in the US. In other words, if this shoe gets hot I have to make them right now, before getting in the first shipment of shoes. This is dangerous because there could be flaws in this current shoe that I have to fix. More importantly, making these shoes takes cash flow away without bringing in any money at all. I literally have about 6K tied up in shoes, shirts and watches and I can’t sell any of this until the shoes get in.

Enough of that though, this post is about pics from the factory. Check out these early shots of the CG from the factory. I think they look pretty good. It’s always funny to see the shoes in the crates after completion. Let me know what you think below.

More crates

I recently posted on Facebook that I will be giving away probably 20 pair simply due to damage control and QA issues. If you are interested in getting a pair, e-mail me at cburns(@) Make sure you include your address and shoe size. If I have your size in the QA pile, then I will ship them to you at my expense. I just ask that you hit me with a picture of you in the shoes.

Stay motivated

Chris B.