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The Complete History of QUAI 54 Paris Street Ball | Dope S–t I Like

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The Quai 54 tournament is one of the most respected international street ball tournaments in the world. Since 2003, Hammadoun Sidibé and Thibaut de Longeville…


All of these years I knew what Quai 54 was all about on the surface, but not until this year when Jordan Brand decided to launch their content site did I truly understand how these two guys pulled together one of the most respected tourneys outside of Drew and EBC here in the US.

If you have the time to spend on the site, for you short attention span dudes, just look at the pics, then take some time and read this post explaining the foundation of the most sought after kicks in the sneaker game.

Fat Joe ran.

That’s a complete sentence and the way I read the article, it was not a good look.

Use the source link and read the whole thing!!!! Here is a pic of the kicks for you dudes that are too lazy to actually click through and peep the narrative.