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The Hue – Slick ft. Ladybug Mecca – YouTube

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Alright, this is one of those instances where a Facebook Ad worked… but not because what I saw was dope. The ad said “Ladybug Mecca” and I immediately click it. Which means that the only reason I clicked is because of the 7 and crescent and a potential reconnection to the DPs. The groove on this is right, but all I can think of is, “I want more Ladybug.” Which isn’t fair because The Hue and this click of people associated with them appear to be exactly what I’m asking for, so I decided the least I can do is add them to my buy list and begin to follow them. Maybe you will do the same. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Right now I’m shaky on clicking Buy Now, but this is grooving.


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