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The KOBE A.D. NXT Unhinges Tradition

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Launching April 3, the KOBE A.D. NXT features an integrated lacing system and unconventional Flyknit upper.

Source: Nike News – The KOBE A.D. NXT Unhinges Tradition

Tayib recently wrote a post bashing the Kobe AD NXT:

The Nike Kobe AD NXT Is A Terrible Idea And Will Retail For $200

After seeing these pictures and the narrative behind the shoe, I have to say that the pricing is actually spot on. Whether people will gravitate towards a Nike Basketball shoe and begin to transition back into casual wear is yet to be seen. However, if Nike does a better job of launching the shoe than they have with their basketball releases lately  and they clearly define the meaning of the symbols and design, this could possibly be the sleeper shoe that actually inspires casual wear from a basketball release. Check out these pictures and then use the source link to read more.

Here is a link to grab a pair early or to pick up the Kobe AD.

When you consider that this new lacing system is integrated Flyknit construction with a mandala shaped into the fiber that’s a fantastic feature, but will kids care? Will they find it dope enough to rock? Maybe a Should You Buy To Flip analysis is in order. The shoe is definitely less about basketball and more about style. The box is similar to the Fade To Black packaging which shows how carefully Nike is considering Kobe’s legacy.