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The Nike ACG.07.KMTR and NikeLab’s SU17 ACG Collection is Festival Ready

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The latest ACG apparel launches May 18 at and in NikeLab doors.

Source: Nike News – NikeLab’s SU17 ACG Collection Speaks Volumes

While adidas has completely transformed the sportswear industry by storming forward, Nike has been attempting to repair the gaps they left open that allowed the Three Stripes to jump back into contention as the go to brand.

Nike is sport and although “fashion retro” is the trend, inevitably performance returns to the forefront as fitness and lifestyle is like a clock and what goes around… you know the rest. To develop a better connection to the market Nike is pulling from its catalog and updating the ACG department for Summer 2017.

All Conditions Gear has always meant Air Mowabb and rugged footwear styles utilized in an urban landscape. It wasn’t necessarily fashion friendly but the browns, purples and pops of color that has always been utilized on the footwear and apparel translated to an eye catching style that was on point.

Those same flashy colors are no longer on trend. The market looks for monotone, streamlined approaches that almost allow for an integration into your surroundings instead of standing out. Branding is now more subtle and less intrusive.

This years ACG collection keeps this in mind and tones down the flashy approach of the past and looks more like a CDG line. The gear is also being touted as festival ready, or designed for extreme movement. The ACG poncho in the header picture is a well designed, foldaway, hidden pouch that will undoubtedly transition from summer to fall and the bleachers of football events. The apparel is ready for a night on the town or a day at work and can shift  and move with you if you have to bike or run to your next meeting.

The footwear is actually a fantastic concept become reality. When you look at the above gif what do you see? The Nike ACG.07.KMTR has a very minimalist approach. Bold black with white contrasted branding and a unique lacing system. Upon first look there is a rugged quality in the raised herringbone outsole that extends up to the midsole, but the strap and lacing system is meant to mimic something that is very familiar to those of you who never had rainboots but had to protect your kicks.

Remember putting plastic bags over your feet?

Now look again at the design here. The lacing system is meant to create the same water proof design with a quicker access and closure technique.

Ultimately, the designers fashioned the ACG.07.KMTR with a four-way stretch water-resistant upper shell that conforms to the foot through an integrated draw cord and stabilizes via a forefoot strap equipped with a Fidlock magnetic buckle.

The ACG Summer 2017 Collection is always a welcomed addition to the Nike annual releases. This pack is a standout simply from a design perspective.