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The Nike PG2 Playstation Market Value | They’ll Be On Every Reseller’s Radar

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Originally posted on Housakicks


I was trying to analyze the current market value of the Nike PG2 Playstation and I had nothing to work with. What I mean is I couldn’t find a sizable amount of sales data on the shoes to build a case. The only thing I could find was a total of three pairs sold on eBay at $325; Stockx also recorded one pair in size 8 sold at $300 but I can’t fully rely on this data because they did not disclose the marketplace on which the shoes sold. So the only way for me to build a strong case is to make a prediction based on what people are willing to pay for the shoes. To do that I’ve included the current bids on StockX for several sizes, see picture below:

You can recognize one outlier in the bids above as it pertains to the size 8.5. Whoever added this bid knows darn well that no one is going to accept a $161 offer on the shoes. This is one of the biggest flaws with StockX, the unreasonable offers which have caused many individuals not to consider StockX as a dependable marketplace. For this reason, I’ll compute the  current market value of the Nike PG2 playstation by finding the average price from size 9 to size 12.

Average=($325+$350+$325+$400+$300+$335+$311)/7= $335, so the current market value is $335.

That is a great profit margin for those who are trying to resell the shoes since the retail price is $110. And I don’t think the price of the shoes will decrease with time. They are very limited and will only be available via Nike and I’m not even sure how many pairs were produced. Here is my other observation; no bids on StockX have been accepted which indicates that people aren’t  willing to sell the shoes for $335 or  they just don’t have the sneakers on hands yet.

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The laughable other observation was the Nike SNKRS  ENTRYS some individuals are selling on eBay ( see picture above). They don’t even guarantee the shoe but give you a higher probability of getting an opportunity to buy the shoes. Basically this is how I interpret this,

You spend money in order to spend more money

This is the sign of the times and the biggest winner in all this is Nike. The Nike CDO ( Consumer Direct Offense) is thriving for the brand at this moment. They are in full control of the market and are indirectly obliging the buyer to play by their rules.