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The Puma Jamming Looks Familiar | Am I Wrong?

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Jamming, PUMA’s newest top-of-the-line running shoe. With a form-fitting evoKNIT upper and a high-tech midsole comprised of free-floating NRGY beads. evoKNIT, Free-floating NRGY beads, Translucent TPU encases the multi-coloured NRGY beads, internal 3D heel clip

Source: Jamming Men’s Running Shoes, buy it @

There are only so many iterations of footwear that can be made without some overlap. I discovered the Puma Jamming and I thought right away that the shoe looked familiar. I’m trying to decide if I like it, but if you’ve been reading the site I’ve been railing against overpriced knit shoes. This shoe is a bit different though. At 160 it’s pricey, but at least I feel that Puma has taken the time to try and offset VaporMax and BOOST at a price that is 20-30 dollars less than those technical specifications of Nike and adidas. That’s a good thing.

Puma’s designers have a tendency to choose some odd color combinations when releasing models. I think that has to be one of the reasons Puma hasn’t quite figured out men’s footwear and is really only gaining ground due to retro appeal. This release however is really working hard to be interesting. The translucent casing for their free floating NRG beads reveals a cushioning system that looks like a combination of the two techs from adidas and Nike. It also looks like a gumball machine which creates an unintentional quirkiness that should be a marketing strategy for Puma.

My problem right now is that the translucent casing reminds me of the Nike Air Max casing:

See the source image

Am I wrong? Is the casing similar? Does it even matter? The Air Max 2017 pictured above retails at 190. The Jamming, which could possibly be the worst name for a shoe since the Reebok Slam Jam, retails at 160. It’s a mid vs a low cut trainer. The color is not very good on either of the releases and the NRG beads bubble looks like the Air Max bubble. What do you think of this drop? Had you heard of the Jamming before this post? Do you think the brand should have used Usain Bolt and delivered a visual with Bob Marley’s Jammin, with partial proceeds focused on rebuilding storm damaged areas of Jamaica? What do you think of the Jamming?