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The Shadow 5000 EVR is the First Misstep From Saucony in a Year

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We are proud to introduce the next step in the Saucony Originals product line,the Shadow 5000 EVR. As a brand with a rich history in running, we aimed to create a modern day classic. Taking elements of design from the original Shadow 5000, we’ve constructed a sneaker

Source: Shadow 5000 EVR

The Pink Devil was a Solebox exclusive. Since Hikmet launched Sonra he hasn’t been working with brands as much. His focus has been on creating his own classic versions of trainers with the Proto.

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Saucony earned my vote as the dopest shoe of 2017 with their Bricks version of the 5000. The classic build and design elements in that release were unlike anything dropped in 2017. Saucony didn’t just drop the Bricks, they continued throughout the year with one beautifully crafted drop after another. Entering 2018 I was looking for the brand to build on last year with a blend of smart marketing and a direct to consumer model built around information and art (my wishful thinking of course). In my head I was functioning as a sneaker curator for Saucony and visiting cities to install pop up art stores featuring footwear as a backdrop and local art as the focus. I’m giving away this idea now because I realize now that no one with good ideas is sitting in the room with these designers and VPs and if someone can read this and do it I’ve done my job.

What we get as the first official lifestyle launch for Saucony is a play on Solebox’s Pink Devil… and with the release of the updated Saucony 5000 EVR Saucony dives into the knit upper “BOOST” inspired midsole lifestyle arena. Nike did this with their release of the Epic BOOST. adidas continued this with their latest NMD Racer and I continue to share this article on knit construction explaining why the shoe shouldn’t cost more than 120:

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The Pink Devil and the idea of a toebox that is contrasted on the upper will always stand out and look like it’s dope, but sometimes it doesn’t work. The “Salmon Toe” will always be a reference point in sneaker lifestyle because it looks great, but after a year of The Ramen, The Bricks, and the Originators Drops getting a modernized knit runner feels lazy and at 150 it’s damn near offensive. I understand the idea of connecting the EVR to a classic retro model. I get the idea that this is both performance and lifestyle and maybe if the photo shoot included someone biking, or transitioning from office to gym, maybe I would have been less critical and more impressed. Instead I’m looking at this as another knit model in a year where I’d really like to see fewer knit shoes and more creativity in materials. Maybe it’s just me and the EVR will fly since it’s limited… I don’t think so though.