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The Surprising Resell Value of the PUMA x XO Parallel

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I will be the first to admit when I’m wrong. When I initially saw the Puma Parallel by The Weeknd, I thought it was a poor man’s version of the “Fear of God” sneaker boots. I thought that the 220.00 price would keep people shaky on trying the shoe. What I failed to consider is that the Fear of God shoe is actually highly coveted, but the plus 600 dollar price tag means that it isn’t as accessible as Puma’s Weeknd designed sneaker boot.

PUMA x XO Parallel

It seems that Rihanna’s magic touch is rubbing off on the men’s category finally. The size run of the Parallel on the Puma website is only showing about 6 size offerings remaining in stock. More important in my eyes is the resale value of the shoe. Over 90 pair of the shoes have sold on eBay at an average price of $302.00. Granted the shoes that have sold show a sales date prior to the online release of the Parallel, but it is still a very good showing for Puma as they’ve shown a massive improvement in revenue since Rihanna’s arrival.

I have to assume the number of the boots available probably sits at about 1000 pair created which is the obvious driving force behind the resale value. The shoe isn’t bad looking either. It’s a unique take on the sneaker inspired boot trend and it’s releasing at the appropriate time for the Canadian winter and cold weather beginning to arrive across the country.

The eBay listings include colorways that haven’t been released yet.

There are only 159 pair on eBay. The Olive Green makes up a small fraction of the 159. In my experience you can always make an estimate of how many shoes were released by looking at this formula I created:

70% of shoes are purchased to be worn

30% of shoes are purchased to be flipped

10% of those shoes will show up on eBay

Since I’ve discussed the Saucony Originators Pack on the site often and I know that there were 1000 pair made I can use this formula to make a guess at how many shoes will show up if I look up the Saucony Originators: 30 pair.

Actual shoes listed on a search for Saucony Originators?

36 Pair

I can reverse this for the Parallel by doing a search on Puma Parallel Olive Green and I get 36 pair available. I could do a deeper look into this since every listing shows how many pair have sold, but I’m just doing a general analysis. Either way, it’s interesting to see that the Puma Parallel is generating interest. I thought the entire Weeknd campaign was not very strong as the Tsugi hasn’t been a very high profile shoe and the Tsugil has been the shoe he has promoted since signing with the brand. Use the source link and links in the article to check out the Puma Parallel. I’d like to know what you think about it.

Note: I looked into the Olive Parallel a bit more and found that only 4 pair of the Olive have actually sold on eBay. I guess if I look at the fact that the shoe has been out for a week, and it’s limited, and only 4 have sold then the shoe isn’t as hot as I thought it was when I began writing this article.

Kanye Shoulder Shrug

PUMA x XO Parallel


Run the streets with PUMA’s collaboration with XO, a fusion of street-influenced aesthetics from creative director The Weeknd. Destroyed denim, oversized silhouettes and slick sneakers work in parallel with PUMA’s sports heritage.Premium architectural style and luxury Italian nubuck leather give this mid-cut sneaker an understated edge. A blocked heel and elevated sole combine with premium hardware, unique design details and IGNITE cushioning. Urban streetwear has never looked so good.


ENERGY: IGNITE Foam sole ensures premium cushioning and energy return as you run the streets


Mid-cut sneakerBoot style Luxury Italian nubuck leather upper

Smooth rubber midsole feat ignite cushioning

Unique contemporary blocked heel design

Extended Formstrip feature and co-branded labels

Premium hardware details: eyelets, lace tips, and zipper