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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #15 Saucony 5000 Chocolate Pack

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#15 Saucony 5000 Chocolate Pack

images via Saucony

There are moments when you can’t choose between the blue or the white shoe in your closet, so you grab the brown and just roll. For many people who have sneaker/shoe selection issues this is serious business. It’s not that you have to be fly every time you walk out the door, but we’ve been conditioned to at least make sure what we’re wearing reminds people that we know something about the culture and we want people know we get it. At the 15 spot I couldn’t decide between white and brown chocolate. I chose them both. I know it’s cheating, but what’s worse is this brand did such a goog job of creating their footwear this year this is not the last time they show up on the list. My question for anyone questioning this choice at 15 of the Saucony Chocolate Pack is how can you look at another brand and find a comparable shoe with this amount of detail for 120 dollars? If we look at each item or detail of the Chocolates and do a item by item comparison you start to realize some of your favorite brands are bullies in the Latin Quarter when “Go Stetsa” comes on. If you don’t get that reference then try this one: some of your favorite brands are listening to “Ante Up” when they drop certain shoes. Saucony doesn’t do that here. Just look at the details. The premium leather is flaked like crumbling chocolate when you break it. Better yet here are the details and an unboxing:

Fifty years ago in Kendall Square, Main Street was once known as “Confectioner’s Row”. Many major candy companies were producing products that are still known and loved today, such as Junior Mints, NECCO wafers, Charleston Chews and Sugar Daddies. The Cambridge connection with candy dates back to 1765 and an Irish immigrant by the name of John Hannon. For the next 100 years Cambridge would grow to become one of the largest industrial centers for candy makers. With that said we give you the Saucony Originals Shadow 5000 Elite “Chocolate Pack”. Inspired by the rich history in candy making of Cambridge, MA.


  • Wolverine Silkee Suede
  • Earthquake suede toe box
  • Pigskin Leather Liner
  • Red Pigskin Leather Insole
  • Flat laces with gold tips
  • Embossed Gold Saucony Logo on the tongue
  • Embroidered Saucony branding on the heel counter
  • Gold heel clip
  • Gold speckled midsole

Remember in the reasons for choosing shoes I said Storytelling would be important? You will find that the shoes in the top 15 excel at delivering a narrative and having a purpose for being made.

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