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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #16 Diadora Ubiq N9000 Philly Cheesesteak

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#16 Diadora Ubiq N9000 Philly Cheesesteak

images via SN

Are you starting to get the feeling that most of my picks are trainers? There is a reason that basketball sales are down. Trainers, running shoes, classic running is just a more comfortable option and it seems that brands take a lot of effort to create these shoes with more premium materials. This version of the Diadora features a premium leather that looks like butter and a colorway that is mature, subtle, but eye catching. The shoe is based on the Philly Cheesesteak and comes in packaging reflecting the popular sandwich. With three shoe string options and dope packaging this should have given Diadora a lot of shine. Believe or not though the shoes are still in stock (the catch? they are only available in small sizes) but I like to think this is more about how sneaker culture truly lacks diversity.

Details: Our latest collaboration with Diadora pays homage to the city of Philadelphia, and the iconic Philly Cheesesteak. The N.9000 sneaker is dressed in a color palette reminiscent of what you might see on a cheesesteak and features symbolic references throughout. The design inspiration fuses this local story with the premium Italian craftsmanship Diadora is renowned for.

• Premium leather and suede upper.
• “Wit” and “Witout” branding.
• Premium American-cheese-yellow leather.
• Speckled midsole.
• Insole features traditional cheesesteak paper wrap branding design.
• Four lace options.

Price: 195  129.99


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