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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #17 Nike Air Max 97 Cobblestone

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#17 Nike Air Max 97 Cobblestone

images via Nike UK

Real quick… I’m about to make an announcement and I’m slightly embarrassed by it, but not really. I’ve never owned a pair of Air Max 97s. That’s because at the time the 97s dropped I was heavy into the Reebok DMX and I was still rocking the Air Max TN. More important I was also high as a kite because I had ripped my back muscle when I was playing college ball my sophomore year (I ended up being the commencement speaker so don’t trip). I was also playing ball a lot once I recovered and I started working with a high school team so I was wearing Air LW and the David Robinson Nike (I can’t remember the name). I’ve always wanted a pair, but when I started running my site I made my own shoes that I designed so I didn’t get to wear a lot of the stuff I had in my collection and I gave away a lot of my shoes to students. Anyway I just never got around to picking up a pair of the 97s. This year when they returned this would have been my selection. This is the epitome of a cool, calm and collected kick. This joint is simply elegant.


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