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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #26 Puma Tsugi Kori x HAN KJØBENHAVN

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#26 Puma Tsugi Kori HAN KJØBENHAVN

images via Puma

You can look as hard as you want but you won’t find a doper gum outsole than on the Puma Tsugi Kori HAN KJØBENHAVN. The model from the Danish designer features a silhouette from Puma that I thought should have been launched with a dope ass campaign, because in my opinion the Tsugi is one of the best designs of the year. When they added the sock to form the Kori I even wrote an article expressing that the shoe should have turned heads. The problem is Puma was all in on Ri Ri and rightfully so since her Fenty line was blazing. The problem was Puma had brought on what I thought were two guys who couldn’t move men to buy. Big Sean and The Weeknd aren’t exactly Kanye and Pharrell and it shows when a shoe this damn dope is now on sale on the site.


Price: 130.00 


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