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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #32 Sonra Proto ‘Grasshopper’

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#32 Sonra Proto ‘Grasshopper’

images via Sonra

This group of five has two shoes that completely break my rule of accessibility. First rule of Fight Club, there are no rules… or something like that. While I am trying hard to stick the rule of accessibility it’s obvious when a shoe is limited the likelihood of it selling through is always high especially when a person like Hikmet is involved. The founder of Sonra is a legend in the sneaker world although he is in Germany. As the founder of the Germany’s dopest sneaker shops, Solebox (he is since divested), he created a launch system for exclusive shoes that ensured those who really wanted the shoes had the best chance of getting the shoes. He carried this mantra over to his footwear company Sonra, note the detail below that the shoes are for wearing not selling (this rule is obviously being broken as the shoes are reselling for 3-400 dollars a pair in the resell market). The brand only makes about 120 pair of their Sonra Proto. Each colorway is blocked perfectly and utilizes premium materials and just from a look at the footbed and lining the shoe looks more like a dress shoe than a trainer. While the cut of the shoe is a classic style that is very prominent on this list from different companies, that same timeless look is what endears me to the shoe.


Please buy only for wearing not for selling.

made in germany

upper:100% leather
lining: 100% leather
sole: 100% rubber

colorway: vegtan/hop

individually numbered

Price: 320.00


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