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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #6 Diadora Footpatrol v 7000 Macchiato

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#6 Diadora Footpatrol v 7000 Macchiato

images via KITH

Delivered as a pack the Macchiato 7000 will probably be one of those shoes that everyone will look at me and say, how? In my opinion the Ramen could have gone higher, but their are subtle changes on the Diadora that have to be considered. Diadora worked with London based Footpatrol to create a modern masterpiece. When you enter a coffee shop or a sneaker shop, more than likely the first thing you will do is to wipe your feet. The carpet styled Diadora logo is a great touch and it adds a style dynamic that captures the eye immediately. When a brand doesn’t forget the small things they can win. (It’s unfortunate that Diadora is carried at stores that lack any clear understanding of marketing the brand. Diadora’s often appear as an afterthought on shelves. There isn’t any creative or elegant merchandising with the shoes and if I’m carrying this model you better believe somewhere in the shop I will have a coffee house styled setup near the model.)

The debossed Footpatrol logo on the side panel in the premium suede is right on point. The footbed has a printed coffee label highlighting the location of the “grounds” that crafted this flavor. The khaki colorway translates to a number of ensembles and Diadora added apparel to top it off giving you the option to go completely 90s retro.


Price: 200.00

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