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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #7 Saucony Grid 8500 Ramen

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#7 Saucony Grid 8500 Ramen

images via Saucony

Details. This one is all about the minute details that make sneaker collecting an important cultural event. Saucony understands what it takes to create a beautiful work of art. They don’t quite have the marketing aspect down, but if they ever begin to integrate themselves into the culture the big three should beware. I actually was torn between the Goethe Afew and this shoe for this spot. I already included the Chocolate Pack which made it in over the Afew because of the timing and the ability to match multiple styles ensembles, but this 8500 Ramen kills every major brand when it comes to packaging and delivery of a product. It’s no wonder that this shoe sold out. I mean you get a dustbag and imagery throughout the shoe that is fabulous. The materials are A1 and at 120, I dare you to find another shoe at 120 with this attention to detail. I dare you. For every aspect of design there isn’t a comparison. The outsole features a graphic under an icy translucent outsole. The tongue logo has been updated. The footbed/shoe insert has design elements. There are two sets of Ramen inspired shoe strings. There is a dustbag made in the mold of a Ramen noodle bag. The collar of the heel counter features a woven Ramen styled fabric which has stupid detail and the leather… Shiiiieeeettttt


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