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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #8 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG – Black/Royal-White

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#8 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG – Black/Royal-White

images via SBD

There are some shoes that stick with you forever. The classic silhouette of the Air Jordan 1 has always been with me. When I was young I drew shoes and when the logo of the Jordan 1 appeared and a local rich kid was the first to rock them in every color I admired the ish out of dude. I would sit and sketch the logo. Mind you I was an adidas head primarily (which had more to do with price), but it was the Jordan Wings logo that was one of the greatest representations of basketball I’ve ever seen. There have been an abundance of 1s to drop this year including the Art Basel and Top 3 Gold, but this shoe inevitably makes me regret not feeling young enough to rock this shoe. I know I can pull it off with a white tee and denim, but it just feels like a younger dudes kick and that’s okay. Nike has done a great job with the remastered product here and the leather is premium and at 160 it remains one of the dopest, most affordable drops from Nike. For resellers it remains one of the few JB shoes to still garner a decent return on investment. The Royal and Black on this shoe can literally never be used on another shoe as it just can’t stand up to the 1. The shoe is timeless, although I still won’t buy it for myself… which isn’t exactly true. Believe it or not I actually tried to get it for myself this year and it turned out, well here is the video:



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