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This Kevin Durant Article is Dope | The New York Times

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After a turbulent summer, the N.B.A.’s newest “villain” is finding peace and building an empire among the Bay Area’s techies. Jake Michaels for The New York Times

Source: How Kevin Durant Became Silicon Valley’s Hottest Start-up – The New York Times

The horror stories about NBA players filing bankruptcy are vital and important warnings for those who would pursue the path of professional sports.

All too often the narratives read the same and fans, guys like me who wanted to be in the NBA and now admire these talented young athletes for their physical skills, the narratives have become a part of a mantra for the next generation of athletes.

We say things to kids like, “Make sure you have something to fall back on,” or “Antoine Walker… remember him?” We obviously talk forever about the success of Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, but we tend to overlook the new stories.

Kevin Durant’s move to the Bay Area from OKC is placed into a completely different perspective here. When you consider that NBA players are literally done with their careers before they hit 40, it becomes apparent that loyalty to a franchise is admirable, but self sufficiency is EVERYTHING.

Use the source link to read this expose. It’s dope.