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This ‘Teyana Taylor Steps Forward with Reebok Classic’ Campaign…

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Source: Reebok News Stream : Teyana Taylor Steps Forward with Reebok Classic

Okay after “Fade” I don’t know one dude who isn’t checking for anything Teyana Taylor. I mean, personally, I don’t know if I could have been Iman Shumpert. The video was damn near soft… Nevermind. Reebok is doing some interesting branding here.

Interestingly enough Reebok has signed more women in the last year than guys, it’s a strategy Puma has taken as well. None of those has been an actual professional woman athlete, which may ruffle some feathers.

As the latest signee to the brand I’m sure we will be getting a lot more YouTube and viral content from Reebok. Her husband rocked her red colorway Questions earlier this season and he is also a free agent in the sneaker world. After formerly being with adidas he bounced. Could this be one of the first husband and wife endorsed couples? (I may need to do some homework here to see if there has been a couple endorsed by a brand. I’m sure there has been.) Here is the comment on the signing.

“Teyana Taylor is the perfect collaborator to join the Reebok family,” said Todd Krinsky, Global Vice President of Reebok Classic and Entertainment. “She is a risk-taker who brings her own perspective to every project and she stands uniquely at the intersection of fashion, music and fitness, which are the core tenets of Reebok Classic. This partnership continues to solidify Reebok’s commitment to women who express themselves through confidence in style.”

Use the source link to read more and enjoy these mini pictures. Go ahead and strain those eyes, lol. If you want bigger pics, use the link.