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This Zion Williamson In Game 360 Dunk … but HS Jr. Chandler Lindsey at 6-2 Is Just As Nice

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When I watch these high school players perform at this level, unlike most people, it’s not the NBA or a big time college I see in their future, it’s cross training. What I hope is that Zion and Chandler spend a few months post High School season basketball just enjoying being kids.

The AAU season starts immediately after the high school season ends. I used to make my players pick up different sports. They had to run track, or play volleyball. My goal was to give them a moment away from the game. We didn’t have a powerhouse team, but I knew that a break would keep the passion for the game high as well as allow for some serious rehab on their bodies.

Kids have resilient body structures. They can run forever, and jump without getting tired… the unfortunate thing is all of that running and jumping is a consistent movement and use of the same muscles. Taking that time off allows those muscles to repair, cross training strengthens other core muscle groups and allows for those basketball fast twitch muscles to actually get stronger and faster. Not taking that time off turns into Derrick Rose, and now Jabari Parker. You can’t play 80 games a year (30 high school and 50+ AAU games) and recover.

So unlike everyone saying, damn the next LeBron… I’m hoping Zion takes LeBron’s cue and begins riding a bike in the offseason, or cross training by hitting the weights and putting the ball down for a while. I hope Chandler joins him, because these two kids won’t have any problems getting scholarships and the handlers and guys looking for paychecks on the travel circuit can wait before they try to get that money for having two elite athletes. Enough of that, check out this video. Bananas!