UA Slingflex Rise  | Under Armour’s Problem Isn’t With Product

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The UA Slingflex has been one of the best designed shoes from Under Armour. The shoe utilizes Threadborne and Charged cushioning and comes in under the price of every other knit running shoe on the market. Everyday another article is dropped analyzing UA’s stock price and saying that the brand doesn’t have the right product. Countless newspapers have quoted popular analysts who keep stating that UA lacks the retro appeal and does not have the product to compete.

That couldn’t be more wrong.

Last year when the Slingflex dropped I said immediately that the brand had a winner on their hands if they rolled out the product the correct way.

Under Armour Finally Has A Winner | Threadborne Slingflex 

They did an okay job rolling out the original Slingflex and it paid dividends. I said Under Armour’s problem isn’t product. I will stick with my continued analysis that the brand has a serious marketing issue. The Slingflex Rise dropped today. I only discovered this via an e-mail. The reason the e-mail worked is because I look at every e-mail for the site. The regular consumer doesn’t do that. What generates a response is great copy and imagery.

There wasn’t a build up or any backstory for the Rise. I don’t know who designs the shoe. I don’t know which athlete is wearing them after the game. I don’t have any video to reach younger people browsing on YouTube, I don’t have jack. The shoe dropped and it didn’t even earn a spot on the homepage of the site and like I said, I think it’s a damn good release.

Product no longer sells because it’s great. Product has to resonate. I do have to say that I like the fact that UA stuck with a reduced logo size and simple colorblocking. It shows that the design team understands the limitations of the logo, and trends; but at some point the brand will have to begin orchestrating their rollouts in a better way. Use the source link to check out the Slingflex Rise. It’s a clean ass shoe and at 100 bucks… you’re welcome.

Note: Puma might have an issue with the lacing system as it is similar to their NetFit Tech… then again does anyone have a right to asymetrical or medial to lateral lockdown lacing? naaahhhhh

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  • I like tje use of the word « resonate ». UA thinks just because tje product is great people are just going to buy it . I think newbalance is making a similar mistake . They haven’t marketed the newer iterations of the 247’s and they assume just because the olive colorway did well ( by tje way I must’ve sold about 50+ pairs of those ) then every other one will perform just as well . For brands like NBand UA , like you said itsnot an issue with tje product but rather connecting with the consumer . I think I wrote more posts about tje 247 than the br’d Itself
    Great post by the way

    • I think many of the brands have serious marketing issues, but we both know that. I guess if we had a way to get in the door and speak to these people it would be a good thing since we actually sell the stuff for more than they actually list it for. There is a disconnect when a company gets too big.