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Under Armour Could Have At Least Run The SAP Commercial for the Super Bowl

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There are a few things that reignite passion for a company in the US: margins and perception. Why perception? If a company looks incredible people invest. If a company is perceived to be making great strides and those moves they are making are tied into an athlete during one of the most historical moments in sports history on the biggest stage for all of sports, the perception of a company can change overnight.

Under Armour had a chance to win last night. I mean your biggest star pulls off an amazing comeback. Kevin Plank basically killed the company’s momentum by stating that they would increase marketing to gain a greater share of the market, and yet on the largest stage the only Under Armour commercial is a Buick commercial:

When someone asks if Under Armour is capable of bouncing back from the worst six months in the history of the company, I always say, yes.

With missteps like the failure to produce a Super Bowl spot when your main guy is on the biggest stage at a time when people may be looking at their cell phones, but they are actually watching the commercials, says a lot about the company and the primary problem with Under Armour, perception.

This is the Under Armour homepage on the site this morning. 1 static picture leading to some shitty ass gear. The entire homepage and site should have been taken over dedication and content centered entirely around Brady last night and for the rest of this week. There should be some epic ass videos on YouTube and I don’t care if the dude doesn’t have a sneaker, a TB12 Curry 3, a video from all of Under Armour’s athletes should have all been ready to run last night… instead all we have is this homepage:

Damn fam, just damn.