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Under Armour Drops MLB Gear | 48,000 Twitter Followers 

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Source: Under Armour®

Under Armour paid a nice and hefty fee to take over sponsorship of the MLB. They don’t get their logos on the uniforms until 2020, but the release of their tees and apparel happened yesterday.

No trumpets

No fanfare

No drumroll

No big YouTube sponsored ad

No big Facebook sponsored ad

No nothing

Just a quiet drop of some really dope apparel. The problem is even though they are making shirts that are crafted on the style of streetwear logos and slogans, the sport of baseball just isn’t very engaging with the people who wear streetwear.

It’s a conundrum that I discussed in the Steph Curry article on how the brand has failed to promote the All Star.

How Under Armour Has Failed Steph Curry

Under Armour basically stopped creating content for Steph Curry because they shifted their focus to their heavy digital acquisitions. They created campaigns to promote their investments and in the process content creation for products declined. With the release of this baseball gear, an absence of content creation is detrimental because they are dealing with a declining fan base that lives on social media and YouTube.

The apparel is very nice however and I guess that’s a positive. The negative? Under Armour Baseball on Twitter only has 48,000 Followers. For a brand that just invested a ton of money into the sport, that’s not a good look. I guess this can be compared to the current NCAA Tournament and the fact that Under Armour is still standing to compete against Nike and Jordan Brand with South Carolina. Nike has a splash page on dedicated to the NCAA Tournament. Under Armour is still trying to figure out how to capitalize…