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Under Armour Highlight Delta 2 | Two Positives in One Week

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Source: Men’s UA Highlight Delta 2 Running Shoes

While this is obviously not a shoe that will capture the hearts of sneakerheads, it is a shoe that the footwear market can be excited about. When UA introduced Threadborne on more footwear I wrote this:

Under Armour Finally Has A Winner | Threadborne Slingflex 

In my daily visits to sneaker sites I browse for things not being covered by bigger sites. Part of why I operate this site, other than the ad revenue, lol, is that I notice things and I get to make predictions or make comments about how it can be improved. I’ve had a lot of commentary on Under Armour because I always think they are leaving money on the table with certain products and the lack of marketing.

When I see something that works though I commend UA and I report on it. UA did a solid collab job with Champs on marketing the C1N with video. They nailed this shoe as well. I’m reporting on this Delta 2 because I just wrote that adidas got it right with the Ultra Boost All Terrain. The problem with the UB AT is that it runs 220 and 240. This shoe is perfect for the upcoming fall and winter. Like the UB utilizing Primeknit, the UA Delta 2 is featuring Threadborne. The big difference?


Sneakerheads can hate all they want, but this shoe is dope asf. When I wrote about the Slingflex in March I stated that the brand had to find a better way to integrate the UA logo into the footwear. I discussed laser, embroidery and monotone colors for the placement of the logo. My reason is that branding right now has to be understated. Bold and in your face steps on the personal style of the people looking to wear the product. The Delta is lightweight, the Threadborne allows it to transition to fall and winter performance and quite frankly the shoe looks damn good. The pair pictured above uses an embossed placement, but it’s black. Take a look at the triple black colorway below:

The shoe looks similar to the Footscape Magistra, but that shoe by Nike is ugly and bulky. The outsole looks out of place. The Delta 2 uses the same seamless upper which allows for a more comfortable fit. The Charged Cushioning molded outsole has just enough of a design element that the shoe isn’t boring and the heel counter and lacing system provides support and lockdown so your foot won’t shift. I’ve been wearing the NMD and while I know it’s not for performance the wool upper allows my foot to shift everywhere. The poor lacing system is the primary culprit, but I state this to say that it may be time for me to shift my pick ups. I need something that looks good and provides a bit more stability and this may be one of the best designs I’ve seen from UA. I actually am feeling the Drift 2 as well, but not for the fall. If I was still in San Diego it would be a pickup.

I said that Threadborne would change the brand and it seems that the brand realizes they have something that works. I only hope the merchandising and marketing follows suit.