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Under Armour Inc (NYSE:UA): Things Are Looking Dim For The Curry 3

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The demand for signature basketball shows might be lower than anticipated

Source: Under Armour Inc (NYSE:UA): Things Are Looking Dim For The Curry 3

In the category of I told you so goes this post. When I started seeing the official shots of the Curry 3 I said that the shoe had issues. The image above isn’t actually the release model. The model above is actually more in line with the expectations for a signature model from a brand. There is a clear indication of who made the shoe from the side profile and the logo at the toe is prominently placed and not blending into the color scheme. Even with this pic above there are problems. I wrote this when I saw it.

I still think the shoe can perform well, but there are topics in the source link that I didn’t really delve into. Because Under Armour doesn’t and hasn’t developed a secondary basketball personality to promote, the Curry 3 is its flagship and there isn’t an outlet pass for the Curry to dish to when it’s in trouble. The source link discusses how the older models of the 2.5 are still on the shelf at a lower price point and even on sale. I hadn’t thought about this. Since UA doesn’t have a secondary Signature promoted release by another player the brand doesn’t have the cushion that Nike has when the Lebron line, or KD line fails to perform. Nike simply pushes Kyrie, or Kobe and then it’s retro releases. UA is placing a lot of weight on the Curry 3 without providing him with any solid marketing. It’s a dangerous position for a company struggling with bouncing back from a low stock rating.

Click through and read the source link if you are considering investing.