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Under Armour Launches Jordan Spieth One 

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Under Armour is looking to fill the void in golf and is responding to Nike’s signing of Jason Day with the release of the Jordan Spieth One. Spieth is currently the second ranked player in the world and has carried the banner for Under Armour golf. The shoe, pictured above, has these features:

Technical Specifications of the Spieth One:

  • Waterproof: The Spieth One has a breathable, waterproof upper to ensure world-class performance even in the toughest golfing conditions—preventing water from entering the shoe, but allowing perspiration to escape.
  • Rotational Resistance Traction: The Spieth One features groundbreaking Rotational Resistance Traction, which prevents the rotation of the foot during the swing from load up to impact.
  • One-seam upper: The upper of the Spieth One is composed with a single seam, reducing layers and weight while enhancing the overall fit and feel.
  • Dual durometer outsole: The outsole of the Spieth One has a softer forefoot for flexibility, paired with a firm heel for stability and support.

With interest in golf on shaky ground both UA and Nike could stand to do a lot more from a marketing standpoint to help improve interest in the game. The overall issue is that golf requires time and patience that the new generation simply isn’t interested in. However, if UA looks at the thirty something crowd for marketing purposes and actually takes some of the gear they are making and transition it into daily wear for the apparel and footwear, while also creating campaigns around YouTube like this video for the Spieth One, then maybe they can reignite some emotion about the sport. Use the source link to read more and check out the video below.