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Under Armour | She Plays We Win | US

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Under Armour She Plays We Win

Source: Under Armour | She Plays We Win | US

Under Armour may not be capitalizing on the UAS line or promoting the next Steph Curry, but they are definitely doing the work that counts as far as I’m concerned. The obvious goal of a public company is to take care of its shareholders, but the responsibility of an athletic corporation extend to the community as well. UA is basically supporting Title IX through its new campaign: She Plays We Win.

Today, Under Armour (NYSE:UA, UA.C) proudly announced its partnership with photographer Christin Rose, founder of the She Plays We Win project, which celebrates the confidence that young girls build through sports. Together with Under Armour, the She Plays We Win project will continue to support and shine a light on the faces of the future, providing strength for young girls in sport through Rose’s inspirational photography.

This is basically a marketing campaign that focuses on creating images of power and strength for girls. I don’t see where they are actually going to donate any thing to sports programs, but the imagery is needed and provides support at a time when women’s sports are at the forefront of the mind post Olympics. What I hope is that the project evolves into financial support of track and field, and other programs throughout the country.  Click the source link to read more and to visit Rose’s website.