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Under Armour’s MVP Campaign Is Not What You Think | Marketing

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Lindsey Vonn

Source: Most Valuable Pairings

Under Armour’s primary issue in gaining ground and moving beyond the 5 Billion dollar threshold has always been their ability to connect. The brand always appears to be a last thought, instead of the first option when preparing to begin a workout routine and buying gear to participate. In marketing a company has to E.N.D.E.A.R.S©. They have to make sure they educate, notate, introduce the designer, entertain, connect with an athlete, give the consumer a reason, and finally deliver a story. When a brand delivers on every aspect they become an MVP.

In Under Armour’s case, they have taken a huge step forward in utilizing their website trying to hit each mark. MVP for UA is Most Valuable Pairings. What the brand has done well is match the design to an athlete in every sport. While the website still lacks a bit of storytelling (The page could use video and each section could explain that the items were curated by the athletes) I really like the idea of incorporating #UnlikeAny into the description of what each athlete’s apparel entails.

This is one of the few times where you know immediately who the athletes are. Under Armour in the past had a tendency to not place names on the pictures. Here on the MVP page they give us the athletes’ Twitter/IG handles. As every brand is making sure to give more attention to women athletes UA has a built in campaign that will never get old and they should take care to refresh the campaign as often as possible with both fitness gear and casual gear. It’s a great opportunity to shine and become an MVP in the category.



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