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Why the Upcoming YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Core Black / Core White Changes Everything

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : KANYE WEST + adidas Originals YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Core Black / Core White

I don’t usually drop info on “hyped” releases, but with the release of 4 Yeezys in one month’s time, there is something taking place here that should be noted. While the shoe isn’t going to be released in big numbers the idea that Adidas has been willing to leave the idea of slow releases of what I consider their flagship model is refreshing and as I’ve said before a note to resell people that they aren’t going to be able to capitalize on the third party market as they have.

It would seem that Adidas would be willing to hold back on these drops to maintain mystique and demand. I think they are actually going to increase the overall love of the brand by dropping multiple styles in limited quantities. Collectors will be able to get styles they want, maybe not the colors, but there are more opportunities. The quick drop of Yeezy 350s will not decrease the interest in the shoe because at this point Nike hasn’t done anything to counter the style of shoes Adidas is creating. The Lunarcharge and Flyknit Racer are options, but Adidas and their BOOST tech is such a comfortable alternative, people are willing to place Adidas in the same strata as any Nike release. This also means that the Yeezy will no longer command a premium on the resale market. It will double in price like Jordans used to do.

I think this release is the one that finally sways me into stating that Adidas is definitely back and has found their way in a Nike saturated market. This is a good thing.