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Victor Oladipo’s ‘Feathery Music’ is the First Uncorny NBA Music Since Wayman Tisdale

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Source: Feathery Music

I have to be honest, the moment I saw Victor Oladipo in my YouTube browsing… my first response was “not again”. Not since Wayman Tisdale dropped Power Forward in his post NBA career as a jazz bass player (RIP Wayman), have I seen an NBA player and said, “This shit ain’t corny.” The video acting… kinda corny but read on.  Most ball players strive to be Shaq and Kobe or Tony Parker on the mic. They try to rap. The problem with rap for ball players is that it’s synonymous with struggle or things that are counter culture.

Now I have to admit Dame Dolla isn’t corny, but I haven’t felt like he could really drop an album that puts everyone on a “Follow” status. He’s dope, but Victor Oladipo took another route to showcase his voice. He’s singing and as far as I’m concerned with all of the current singers out, his song “Unfollow” is on trend, sounds good and shows that the dude isn’t just messing around with this music thing. He’s making a solid entrance into the entertainment field. Check out this music video and visit Amazon or his YouTube page and subscribe. There isn’t much there, but it will make you stop for a few minutes and say “I see you.”


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