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Victoria Beckham x Shaq? Upcoming Reebok Collection Draws Upon the 90s

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There are a lot of reasons to be inspired by Victoria Beckham—she was the member of a record-shattering girl band in the ‘90s, she’s an incredible fashion designer, her wit is unmatched on social media, and oh yeah, her family is pretty much #goals.

Source: Victoria Beckham Is Inspired By The ‘90s (And Shaq!) For Her Upcoming Reebok Collection

When Victoria Beckham joined forces with Reebok I thought it was a move that showed how adidas is giving Reebok a playbook that could correct a lot of issues with the company’s identity.

Can Reebok x Victoria Beckham Continue the Momentum for the Brand?

Since the announcement there really hasn’t been a lot of activity. Today Reebok announced that Beckham is going to stick with the trend of retro by calling upon the 90s to style her new collection. As a part of that collection she will be delivering apparel that features… Shaq?

The collection—which launches this summer—will feature the kind of apparel you’d find around a basketball gym, like tee shirts and hoodies, all featuring O’Neal’s silhouette. “This is a little bit of a teaser with regards of what’s to come,” Beckham says. “This me really celebrating Shaq and celebrating the ‘90s and everything that I love—and I think what everybody loves—about Reebok.”

While I’m not exactly excited by this, I’m definitely intrigued. The first image from the collection is this tee shirt in the picture above the fold. I can’t wait to see what is delivered in the first Victoria Beckham collection. Use the source link to read more about her upcoming collection.