Is The Weeknd’s Parallel Sneaker With Puma Inspired by Fear of God?

The rapper The Weeknd was interviewed by Footwear News on the release of his new Puma XO Parallel shoes, which will hit retailers on Aug. 24.

Source: How the Weeknd Plans to Make His Parallel Sneaker With Puma a Cultural Phenomenon

I never mince words on this site and I’ve had a lot to say about Puma’s current ascent in fashion. I wasn’t very kind to either Meek Mill or The Weeknd in this article:

Insider Ties: Puma net profit up 4% on footwear, time to dump Meek Mill

I even stated that Puma’s current success would be short lived. I underestimated the power of Rihanna and the Fenty line. I don’t feel bad about acknowledging that. I still stand by the fact that The Weeknd will not sell shoes for Puma and this Parallel shoe, like many shoes, has a very familiar feel and at 220.00 a pair it is entering into premium footwear prices for streetwear kicks.

The obvious “parallel” here is with Yeezy and adidas, but Yeezy has a long history in footwear going back to his debut with College Dropout. The Weeknd doesn’t even create a blip on the radar in regard to kicks so when I saw this boot styled design for his first official release, I didn’t waver in my thoughts that The Weeknd won’t generate sales. My primary reason is that the shoe has a striking similarity to another brand and could be consider a lower priced option. The Fear of God military boot is often found in a store like Kith where the Parallel will be dropping. As this will not be a big release the potential for a sell through is there, but as of late even Staple collabs from Puma have been sitting. I actually saw the Daily Paper x Puma shoes sitting and on sale for 69.99. The only recent men’s Puma with impressive sell through was the Puma x Coogi. That shoe however was inspired by the Notorious B.I.G. and has a 90s element retro feel that is right on trend. Here we have a Fear of God inspired military styled boot/sneaker from the Weeknd and I just don’t see this pulling anyone away in August when the weather still hasn’t shifted to Timberland/Nubuck kicks. What do you think?

Below the Fear of God Military Pack


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