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What Happened To Putting The Air Jordan 3 In The Dog House?

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Originally posted on Housakicks


What happened to Jordan Brand stopping the production of the Air Jordan 3 model? In 2014 The company’s VP said that the Jordan 3 was going to be put in the vault until further notice, but the way this plan has been implemented is a farce.

Sprots blue 3, img via ebay
The Sports Blue Jordan 3  was supposed to be the last pair to drop with the Jumpman logo on the back panel; if I’m not mistaken. It’s been three years since the news broke out and it sounds more like a marketing scheme at this point – create enough buzz around the shoe to send the consumer into a buying frenzy.
Nike turned around and brought back what they call the Remastered Jordan 3 True Blue. If you’re going to stop the production of the Jordan 3, it must be done thoroughly and not half-way, the entire silhouette must be done away with, not just slight aspects of it.
I️ actually think if the brand had followed through with the plan, it could have revived the Jordan Retros. At this point, no one really cares that much  anymore about Jordan Retros and the proof is right before our very eyes- the Jordan 6 Gatorade was supposed to take us back to MJ ‘s era via nostalgia but it failed miserably . The sneakers were already available on eBay before the actual release date  for below their suggested retail price. I️ don’t even think scarcity will polish the image of Jordan Brand at this time. They’ve flooded the market with such a pile of frivolous retros that no one gets excited anymore.
The element of surprise on the other hand may come in handy for Jordan Brand . For once it would be great if blogs and sneaker sites didn’t publish a billion times the entire Air Jordan release Calendar  for the next 8 months.  It might be appropriate to keep the consumer in the dark and build the hype by creating a sense of excitement.  I️ think coupling it with putting certain shoes in the vault for maybe 10 to 15 years may just benefit Nike and its derivatives. Will all that said, I’m still excited about the Black Cement 3 coming back next year, Jordan Brand can put the Retro 3 in the vault once the cement 3 releases.